SAEON realizes

management that focuses on
customer value.

SAEON makes efforts to contribute to the development of
AI robot technologies and lead the future
through creative thinking and creation of innovative value.
Based on our technology and experience in business with domestic and foreign companies and numerous customers,
we will provide the best services.


SAEON achieves customer satisfaction through endless creation, research, and challenges, building trust through communication.

  • Trust & Communication

    Proactive communication
    to minimize the risks
    of trust costs and opportunity costs

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Guarantee of customer satisfaction
    Guarantee by creating
    the best quality and services

  • Creation & Research

    Constant development of
    content for customers

  • Innovation & Challenge

    Strengthening of competitiveness
    by responding to market changes
    swiftly, without being afraid of failure

Understanding SAEON through Numbers

SAEON achieves customer satisfaction through realization
of customer impression and endless creation, research, and challenge, based on trust


  • Number of schools


  • Number of export target countries


  • Number of educational institutions and research institutes

  • Number of instructors


Field of Business

Not only does SAEON develop robots and kits, but also it
provides educational services.

  • R&D

    Research and Development

    Development of educational robots/kits
    Development of program content

  • R&D Service

    Research and Development Service

    Government-run projects
    - ETRN
    - KAIST
    - KIMM
    - KAERI

  • Educational Solutions

    Education Soulution

    - Cultivation of teachers/instructors
    - Formation and operation of a teacher/instructor pool
    - Cultivation of talented individuals through education for elementary/middle/high school students
    - University Education Camp
    - Contest
    - Online LMS video solution

Organization Chart